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2019 KCITE Chapter Meeting Fee Adjustment

The purpose of the KCITE organization is the furtherance of traffic and transportation knowledge and relationships between engineers, planners, technicians and others with an interest in the transportation field. In order to serve this purpose KCITE provides training opportunities and regular scheduled KCITE Chapter meetings. The Chapter Meetings provide real time information on projects in the area and the direction of transportation not just regionally but also state wide, nationwide and worldwide. Our volunteers strive to seek out relevant transportation topics with knowledgeable and informed speakers. We also try to provide meeting venues that are not only interesting and different, but also provide a relevent connection to the area of the presentation subject if possible. We always attempt to find venues that are economical in cost and provide a comfortable atmosphere for our members and guests to listen and network.

Since 2003, KCITE has maintained a fee of fifteen dollars for members and twenty dollars for guests at Chapter Meetings. These fees are intended to cover the cost of the venue, food, gratuities and awards. As we are all aware, time goes on and costs go up. Even though the KCITE volunteers work to provide the most economical venues, KCITE as an organization has been slowly falling behind in maintaining a 1 to 1 income to cost ratio. 

At the January 2019 KCITE Board Meeting, the KCITE Board reviewed the last year member survey, the past years costs and input from the arrangements committee. The KCITE Board discussed these items and decided that there was a need to offset the rise in cost compared to income. It was decided by the KCITE Board that the fee of KCITE Chapter Meetings must be raised. The chapter meeting fee for the KCITE member attendee was agreed by the Board to be increased from fifteen dollars ($15.00) to twenty dollars ($20.00) and the KCITE guest attendee fee to be increased from twenty dollars ($20.00) to twenty five dollars ($25.00).   

If the KCITE Chapter meeting is in association with another organization, the KCITE attendee fee for a member or a guest would be no less than that mentioned above or would match the higher fee of the organization cosponsoring the KCITE meeting.  

KCITE values you as a member and we value our guests. KCITE intends to continue providing the most up to date and pertinent presentations affecting the transportation community. With this cost increase KCITE will be enabled to continue providing the same or better value of information and networking that we have in past years.

KCITE appreciates your patronage; we (KCITE) look forward to serving your future transportation needs with knowledge, and insight. 


Thomas P. Evans 

2019 KCITE President 


2018 Excellence in Transportation Award - Call for Nominations

The KCITE Excellence in Transportation Award is offered annually to an organization (government agency, legislative body, consulting firm, industry and other private-sector organization) for a project completed in 2018 located within the Chapter boundaries.

The Award will recognize an organization for one or more of the following:

  • Development of an innovative concept in transportation planning, design or operations;
  • Innovative application of a proven concept in transportation planning, design or operations;
  • Implementation of a "difficult" transportation program through perseverance in its development and promotion;
  • A program or project having a significant effect on regional transportation;
  • A multifaceted transportation program or project, combining many innovative and/or well-applied concepts;
  • A program or project promoting a major advance in the efficiency and/or economy of transportation.

Nominations are due April 26, 2019. The nomination should include two cover letters (addressed to KCITE and MOVITE* separately), name of the nominated organization, description of the achievement (a minimum of five double-spaced letter size pages) and supporting material, including reports, newspaper articles, photographs, etc.  Total length of nomination, including supporting documentation, is not to exceed 20 letter size pages.  The submission should be made in PDF format and may be emailed or sent on flash drive.  Any member of the organization may submit nominations for the award.  However, at least one member of the organization must be a member of KCITE.  Nominations shall be submitted to the KCITE Chapter President no later than April 26, 2019. The mailing address is as follows:

ATTN:  KCITE - 2018 Excellence in Transportation Award

Thomas P. Evans 

529 NE Stonewall Dr.

Blue Springs, Missouri 64014

tel (816) 228-1547

cell (816) 679-7132

The President will appoint a review board.  All nominees will prepare a Power Point slide for display at the July chapter meeting. Nominees and the winner of the Excellence in Transportation Award shall be recognized at the July chapter meeting. Nominations received will also be submitted by June 1, 2019 to MOVITE for consideration for the MOVITE Transportation Achievement Award*.  A suitable article about the achievement will be prepared by the review board and submitted for publication in the MOVITE Journal and on the KCITE Web Site following presentation of the award.